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Kei te mihinui ki a koutou. Ko Horouta te Waka, Ko Hikurangi te Maunga, Ko Waiapu te Awa, Ko Porourangi te Tangata, Ko Ngati Porou te Iwi. Tena Koutou, Tena Koutou, Tena Tatou Katoa.


I'm on holiday-Yeehaa

Yes!!! I'm having a wonderful holiday, and I won't be back on board until, I get back on the 29th September...see you all then.



Ngāti Kahu - TeRāHoroi - Saturday 13 September

I was having a kōrero with a wahine, who told me that the rohe of Nga Puhi was, to her knowledge, all of the area north of Auckland. I enlightened her that there are a multitude of Iwi in the North, other than hers. Ngāti Kahu is one of them, I have also included a photo of the old whare. The new whare is being built, shown on a previous post, Te RāApa, Wed 10. Te Pātu, e ngā wā o mua, was built to stop Nga Puhi from advancing on Te Aupouri.


Community Art - Te RāMere – Friday 12 September

This Beautiful mural is one of the many art pieces that decorate our community.


Richard Estes - Te RāPare – Thursday 11 September

This a beautiful painting by Richard Estes.


Te Pātu -Te RāApa – Wednesday 10 September

Ko Kahutianui te wahine, Ko Parata te tangata, Ko Mamaru te waka, Ko Maungataniwha te Maunga, Ko Tokerau te Moana, Ko TePātu te hapu. Ko Ngāti Kahu te Iwi.

Hikurangi -Te RāTū – Tuesday 9 September

Hikurangi, Northland. Tunnel in Okaihau.

Kawakawa -Te RāHina – Monday 8 September #2

Hundertwasser (with the help of the community) created these toilets. And of course Kawakawa wouldn't be Kawakawa without the three bridges.

Cute little Malaysian girl, singing.

Laughing Baby

A wee Scottish lass singing Three Craws.

Little Korean boy will make you smile.