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Kei te mihinui ki a koutou. Ko Horouta te Waka, Ko Hikurangi te Maunga, Ko Waiapu te Awa, Ko Porourangi te Tangata, Ko Ngati Porou te Iwi. Tena Koutou, Tena Koutou, Tena Tatou Katoa.


Woohoo - #17 and Week 7

Yay, on the final leg of Library 2.0. We've been asked to check out the bebo page that was set up by Auckland City Libraries Bebo and to send a request to be a friend, as well as a link to that Bebo. In order to do this I had to set up 2 bebo accounts, Hikurangi Waiapu and Ataahua Sunshine Bebo. (Both can be accessed through the above link). The first bebo was set up so that I could access the ACL bebo and the second one I set up because I wanted another account to be able to comment on the first account, and not only that, I couldn't turn down the name of Ataahua (beautiful) sunshine. My sense of humour came out to play, considering we've had about 2 days of sunshine in the past 3 weeks, ok, ok, I'm exaggerating...4 days. I have also left a message on the Hennepin-County-Library facebook.

I joined - Hikurangi and this was a site that I haven't visited before, I liked this site, after putting in Bic Runga's name, her page came up with a blog. Bic's babies name is Joseph, she writes that she was worried that he still didn't have a name at 4 months. Bic's site also has some of her recordings which I added onto my page. The purpose of Face Book - Hikurangi ,is to meet people that have been in your life, such as people that you have worked with or people that you have been to school with. I think this is a moot point because I had a non-de-plume, and knew no-one. I can see the value in having a face book page if I would want to catch up with others, and I guess it is the more 'mature' page, However, I have a personal bebo account, which I have to keep in touch with whanau that live overseas or back home. Bebo, unlike blogging or some other sites can be made into a private site, and I can choose who 'visits' my bebo page.

We've been asked what we've discovered and learnt. Well, so much, in such a small amount of time, I wish that we had more time to fully discover all of the different sites and much more. I am really excited about what I've learnt in the past month, considering, that I didn't even know how to do a blog in JUNE. Incredible, I have leant so much.

Now what frustrated me? Where do I start? (1) The problems with our staff pc's not being able to access some of the sites. As well, I would have done a fair amount of work and then it would all disappear?? Where?? I wouldn't know until I got home and checked it out on my own pc, (2) working at home. (3) All of the different sites we had to sign up for, at last count, I have opened 20 different accounts, and those are only the ones, I've remembered, as well as trying to remember the passwords. (4) And finally, another biggie, not being able to take photos of people!!! I had to be really inventive as to how to take photos of people without taking photos of their faces (unless I had their permission). But then that was part of the challenge, and it was really great to be able to find 'one beautiful thing' to photograph each day. Sometimes, I just couldn't choose out of the many photos taken, and those were the days when I would put two (or more) photos on the page.

I have already mentioned the social networking site that I prefer, which is Bebo, it is the site that I know, and because a lot more of my whanau are on Bebo. Where to from here? I would like to spend more time on sites such as Flickr - Hikurangi and MySpace as well as the toys (generators) and any of the sites that are relevant to photography, as well as learning much more about Library 2.0.

I found it easier to understand all of these different Library 2.0 concepts via video rather than reading the instructions, in particular the Common craft videos, that are at the bottom of my page. As well as those videos, Meredith Farkas, in her video, offered some really great suggestions, about Library 2.0:
  • to embed services where customers are
  • to meet changing user needs
  • blogs: to communicate in an informal way and to get back comments, where guidelines had been set.
  • Flickr; highlighting collections
  • RSS: get messages via txt, via bloglines
  • Wiki: share/collect knowledge to put our stuff out there and make it attractive
  • Social bookmarking: tags; sharing info with other libraries/library staff.
At this time, I'm looking forward to all of the tools that are becoming available for those of us who work in libraries. I don't see it as a 'threat' to our books, or collections. I see it as another area, an area we would all be wise to look into.

Te RāMere - Friday 15 August

Kapahaka @ Otara.


Te Rā Apa - Wednesday 13 August

Ngā Tāngata o tēnei rohe.

I've just finished reading the
OCLC Next Space Newsletter – Web 2.0: Where will the next generation of the web it take libraries? and found the different readings really interesting. Dr Wendy Schultz succinctly writes that (Library 2.0, is where) a futures perspective asks us to reconnect this dialogue to the grand sweep of time from the treasured past to the adventure of the future - and to put people and meaning at the centre of our concerns". I totally agree with her statement. I didn't find it easy to watch the suggested video in our discovery resource list, so I ended up watching the You Tube video Building Academic Library 2.0 with Meredith Farkas. She was clear about the benefits and some of the pitfalls of the Library 2.0, which I found fascinating .


Te RāTū - Tuesday 12 August

Ok, ok, I adore these little ones, and I do like the photographs in the Te Ao Hou magazine as well.

WOW, I've found the 'gadgets' that are available with our blogs, yehaa. I've added 'He kupu o te Ra,' awesome, as well as a calendar (that's the control person in me), Inspirational Quotes and Pictures, I do like quotes, and photographs, well enough said. That's why I've got Places to See. The reason why I added 'Things to ponder' is because I enjoy those little titbits of info, even though they had to be pretty good, because they came with advertising and I was on the point of not adding them. I've also found all of these library related gadgets, search answers etc, fantastic. Learning to sign, when I have a spare moment. Near the bottom of my blog are Common Craft videos on RSS, Wiki, Social Bookmarking and Podcasting.


Te Rā Hina – Monday 11 August

Excitement at work today. Excitement??? at home, guess who's internet failed (and still isn't going after 3 hours on the phone to someone in the Philipines) and so I'm at a friend's place, putting today's photo onto my blog!! By crikeys.


Te Rā Tapu – Sunday 10 August

OK, OK, Only one photo a day, it is just so hard to chose. On my way home I drove through Lichfield and went down a side street where I came across a stone facade on a wooden building, the Aard Bank. Further along, I drove through Ohaupo and was captivated by the Maunga Pirongia which took up most of the horizon, tino ataahua.

Te Rā Tapu – Sunday 10 August

Tokoroa. The home town of some of my whanau and where I have many great memories.

Cute little Malaysian girl, singing.

Laughing Baby

A wee Scottish lass singing Three Craws.

Little Korean boy will make you smile.