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Kei te mihinui ki a koutou. Ko Horouta te Waka, Ko Hikurangi te Maunga, Ko Waiapu te Awa, Ko Porourangi te Tangata, Ko Ngati Porou te Iwi. Tena Koutou, Tena Koutou, Tena Tatou Katoa.


Te Rā Mere – Friday 22 August

Checked out the Project Gutenburg online book catalogue where I could access free ebooks. Project Gutenberg focuses on 'light books,' such as Peter Pan etc, 'heavy books' such as the Bible etc, and 'reference books' like Dictionaries and the like. Out of the 100 top picks, there were only a few books that grabbed my attention. One of them was 'Beyond Good and Evil' by Friedrich Nietzsche. There were various ways that the books could be downloaded as shown in the diagram on the right, I did find it really easy and fast to download. From Gutenburg an ebook can be downloaded, read on screen, CD's, DVD's and readers. I liked the look of Amazons"Kindle" although Gutenberg also has a reader, and the ebooks from Gutenberg could also be downloaded to a Blackberry, and probably to other phones of the same type. What I did find interesting was this graph from

SUPPOSING that Truth is a woman--what then? Is there not ground for suspecting that all philosophers, in so far as they have been
dogmatists, have failed to understand women -- that the terrible seriousness and clumsy importunity with which they have usually paid their addresses to Truth, have been unskilled and unseemly methods for winning a woman? Certainly she has never allowed herself to be won; and at present every kind of dogma stands with sad and discouraged mien- 'Beyond Good and Evil' by Friedrich Nietzsche.

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